I guess the first thing I should let you know about me is I find bio’s and ‘about me’ excerpts incredibly difficult and daunting. How does one explain herself concisely and in a humble way, yet also get you intrigued enough to follow my blog? I guess the answer to this is by being open and honest and letting you decide!

I started my social media presence on Tumblr back in September of 2010 with the sole intention to simply have a place to save the endless inspiring images I found online to one easy location. Long story short, after sharing several more personal posts, people started to find interest in these tiny windows into my life.

Fast forward several years and here we are! I have been ‘professionally’ doing social media and eventually realized I had a voice and a platform to share my opinions.

As thrilling as this was, it was also very intimidating. I have to admit that for a couple years I remained silent about my true feelings and opinions on any controversial topics. The internet can be a scary place where ideas are quickly shut down. After some experience and a lot of maturing, I now feel comfortable speaking on my view points. My two main criteria before I share thoughts are that I must be passionate and educated on the matter.

I have also learned that not only do I feel more comfortable putting my opinions out there in written form but it is also very therapeutic for me as well!

Welcome to In Full Bloom. As humans, we are in constant bloom and working to grow into better individuals everyday. The overall tone and focus of this blog is positivity and learning to take what life throws at you and growing/learning from it to become a better person and leave a positive imprint on the world.

I hope you will all join me in this journey of life as I share my ups, downs, experiences, thoughts and simple daily enjoyments!

Lots of love and always remember, success follows happiness.